Arts Monongahela Launches New Website, Redesign

Arts Monongahela is proud to debut the launch of our brand new ArtsMon Web site and overall redesign. Our mission is “to advance the arts and enhance the community” of Morgantown, W. Va., and this new Web site will help fulfill that goal.

Overall, the site has a newer and more modern look than the previous. New additions to the site’s navigation include “About Us,” which features the ArtsMon staff and the organization’s supporters, “Gallery,” “Blog” and a “Donate” button, where users will be able to donate to the organization directly via Web.

Also within the new site are several different, user-friendlier features. One of the elements of the site includes an option where local arts organizations can submit their upcoming events. ArtsMon represents all arts, including visual, literary and performing. The “Submit an Event” feature will be beneficial to building new audiences for all of the local arts, as well as helping make the local arts organizations stronger with the creation of new business connections and opportunities.

Rather than searching all over the Web for different arts events happening in Morgantown, it is our goal that users will be able to access the ArtsMon events page to see a compilation of all arts events that are happening locally.

Through the use of the ArtsMon “Gallery,” local artisans’ work can be showcased and broadcasted through our new Web site. Therefore, artists will be able to have the opportunity to have their works highlighted on a different platform rather than usual, in-person exhibits. Promoting the arts and artists of the area is an important factor of the ArtsMon organization, and offering this online gallery will only help further that promotion.

With the launch of this new, redesigned Web site, ArtsMon hopes to further the goal of stimulating awareness and appreciation of the fine arts by expanding and improving the economic, cultural and social structures of the Greater Morgantown Area.