“Perspectives on the Opioid Crisis” Gallery Opening March, 2019

Arts Monongahela is hosting “Perspectives on the Opioid Crisis” gallery opening at 201 High St. in Morgantown, WV for the month of March, 2019. This show will feature over 25 visual artists sharing work representing their own perspectives on the opioid crisis impacting individuals and families across West Virginia and elsewhere. Gallery opening reception March 8.

Arts Mon is partnering with many regional recovery and prevention groups and leaders for community engagement on this topic, with a focus on the arts in recovery and prevention. We have multiple events planned for the month of March, including the opening reception, film screenings, experts & leaders round table, poetry reading & writers’ workshop, and live music performances.

Our goal is to create an open forum to visualize perspectives across our community through the arts and follow guidance by recovery and prevention leaders. We acknowledge that recovery and addiction are a deeply personal issue and the impact of the crisis on our communities, families, and individuals is unique to each experience.

All events are free of charge, with exception of Writing Workshop which is $20 at the door.